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High Quality Wheel Auto Car Detail Cleaning Brush sheepskin wheel brush

High Quality Wheel Auto Car Detail Cleaning Brush sheepskin wheel brush,Our company name is Jinan Carstauto Accessories Co. Ltd .We specializes in the production of sheepskin products just like Genuine Sheepskin Wheel Wool Brush . The materia is 100% pure



  Product details

sheepskin wheel cleaning brush
100% merino sheepskin wheel cleaning brush.
Provide the safest and the most effective wheel cleaning tool.
100% metal-free sheepskin wheel cleaning brush to remove dirty and dusty of braking roads that couldn’t damage the wheel or expensive retainer of car.
With dense water absorbability, superfine wool will effectively use cleaner make more bubbles.
Please irrigate with flowing water after using residual detergents, natural drying, shaking or use wool brush nursing can make the hair fleeciness up again.
Natural sheepskin has the certain service life, proper care can be prolonged using time.
One brush can service 40 to 60 cars.
* Don’t be touched with high temperature, strong acid and strong basicity detergent.
* Don’t be sun drying and baking, don’t touch the rain.
* Don’t use strong strength to tear that maybe cause fur separation or collapse.
* Don’t be soaked in water for a long time. Please clean clearly and natural dry if you finish the cleaning.
* You can use two brush that one is wet and the other is dry for mixed using.(The wet one is use bubble to remove the dirty and the dry is for cleaning the water)

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