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2016-03-10 13:52:08

Using advanced equipment and Australia tanning agent process


·Choice of Australian Merino quality production of sheepskin.Selection Germany’s Bast company advanced fur tanning agents and dye.
·Using advanced equipment and Australia tanning agent process.
·With particularity of natural fur products breathable moisture - proof,moth,flame retardant,health,strong warm.
·To you to create elegant,luxurious,neat environment,make you feel more comfortable.
※Common characteristic of the sheep fur products:
·Permeability:fur products good air permeability.
·Thermal resistance:Delicate fluff is recognized as a warm -   based products.
·Well protected against dampness:Mao was between air can be free,can adsorb water between air.

Health sex:sheepskin,not only air, warm,and well protected   against dampness,for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid disease   also has good health care function.
·Decorative:sheep fur and bright color.A distinguished   cosmetic.
1)For washing 1piece long fur cushion,you should put 3-4 bottle caps of fur cleaner.
2)Knead it like washed her hair.
3)Take off the foam,then put it into the water.
4)Water 3times,after each time need a dehydration.
5)When the last time water,put 2caps yellow watermark agents and 1cap softener into water,soak for 10 minutes.
6)Direct dehydration.
7)Jitter it even before drying.
8)If the back is leather,when 80-90% drying,placed on a flat surface,use glass cup cup to plug leather.
9)If the back is cloth,when 80-90% drying,like twisting a towel,two people twisting in the opposite direction, and then stretch to both sides.
9)When full dried,put the fur cushion on a falt,use a hairbrush to grooming.



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