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Sheepskin Wash Mitt

magic wash mitt,popular car care product

magic wash mitt,popular car care product



  Product details

New Magic Clay Bar Cloth Magic Clay Mitt Protable Car Wash

Product Description

 The clay is slightly softer and less aggressive, making it easier to work with.

- There is a lesser chance of marring the paintwork.

- Great for a light to medium contaminated finish with effective results.

- It is an inch wider than the Medium towel


- Claying is not a cure-all or a replacement for polishing. It's a tool for quickly and easily removing surface contamination.

- Do not use harsh detergents to clean the clay towel, a mild soap/shampoo and water solution is all that's needed.

- Do not use in direct sunlight or on surfaces over 145oF/62oC.

- To clean the Magic Clay Cloth, rinse with water and hang to dry. Do not leave to dry with the Polymer layer in contact with itself.

- The Magic Clay Cloth is not solvent resistant.

The Fine grade Clay Towel is recommended for vehicles that are not heavily contaminated, and for those that are well maintained or clayed on a regular basis. For heavily contaminated vehicles, a Medium grade Clay Towel is recommended. We also recommended first time users to choose the Fine grade Clay Towel.

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